Crius Release Scheduled for July 22nd

Crius release on July 22nd

Crius is the name of the next release to be deployed on July 22nd. As you might recall, EVE development moved away from the traditional six month expansion cycle to a much faster six week release deployment.


Combat Ship Database - UPDATED [Kronos 1.0]

There are several reason I thought that a ship database needed to be done. One, the in-game descriptions are far from uniform so glancing at ship bonuses is not feasible. Two, memorizing ships one by one from "Show Info" is counter-productive. Three, a database that has a way to quickly look up bonuses was needed; at least in my opinion. Of course entering all of this has taken a very long time, but luckily I created this database prior to the Rubicon 1.1 patch; Rubi 1.1 patch disallows the copying the bonus text in-game.

To use, think of what type of ship bonuses you want to find, and look for color that is assigned to that label. Instead of having to look through every ship, you can quickly find a ship suited for your needs. Click on any of the ship types to quickly jump to that section of the database. Enjoy!

Current Version: Kronos 1.0

Kronos Expansion Release: June 3rd

Kronos release

Kronos is the first release in the new six week release cycle. This new cycle replaces the previous cycle of one expansion every six months. CCP Seagull explains this new cycle its advantages for EVE Online and the community in her dev blog From 2 expansions to 10 releases - EVE Online's new release model explained.


EVEoLution : Soon To Come - Dust 514

I wanted to take time to mention that EVEoLution will be covering Dust 514 in the near future. Since the Dust 514 Keynote at Fanfest 2014, introducing the new Dust 514 Windows PC client, there will be a large influx of players after the release. Even though I am a PS3 owner with a Dust character as old as beta, it an extreme pain to create media content from the PS3 to present on this blog. So once the PC client is released, expect articles covering Dust 514, and the twitch stream broadcasting Dust 514 as well.

To find out more about Dust 514, visit the official site at , and be sure to check out the videos from Fanfest at CCP's Youtube Channel covering EVE Online, Dust 514, and CCP's latest game EVE Valkyrie!


EVE Online 11th Anniversary Special : Permaband's Killing is Just a Means

The CCP developer band „Permaband“ revealed at Fanfest 2014 their latest song and video „Killing is Just a Means“

We are proud to announce that this song is now available for the public right on time for EVE Online’s 11th anniversary!


Missions 101

Running missions is the backbone of high-sec entertainment, and one of the best ways to learn how to play EVE. While many people see them as a simple and low priority method of progressing, they can be more beneficial when understanding them completely. From increasing standings, to making ISK, mission running is a vital way of making a better EVE Online career.


EVEoLution's Carnival Hourly Raffle : March 29th CLOSED

Thank you all for coming!

Raffle now closed.

To enter into the raffle:

1. post a comment to this post with your character name
2. Make sure you are in the in-game channel EVEoLution-Online

First raffle will be at 18:00 EVE Time! 

Good luck everyone!


All About The Test Server (Singularity)

Even when you fit a new ship in Pyfa or EVEFit, you never really know how well it's going to work for what you've made it for. Sometimes it's best to fit it in game, and test it out where you want to actually use it, but this isn't always feasible with newer pilots. This is where the test server comes into play.


EVEoLution's Carnival and Weekend Giveaway : March 29th Details!

So it's about time to run another giveaway to help promote EVEoLution, it's new Twitch Feed, in-game Channel, and YouTube channel! Just like last time I'll be giving away lots of neat stuff in hourly raffles, and the more people that are involved the more expensive the prizes! In between those hours, I will also run some lotteries, as well as run large group missions! The plan is to have a HUGE blowout of fun this coming weekend, as well as get new players comfortable with EVE Online, and its community.

Week 2 in EVE Online

So you started playing EVE Online, you have a grasp on the concept of the game, you've created a skill training plan in EVEMon, and you are playing around all the different options of the game. Unfortunately, you probably haven't checked the forums that much aside from the New Player Forum, and you probably think the entire game revolves around everything that is actually "in the game". This is why I'm going to introduce you to everything "Outside of EVE Online", which is a good percentage of what really happens with EVE Online.


Preparing for Incursions

If you don't know about Incursions in EVE Online yet, now is the time to learn. Labeled the "ISK Faucet", Incursions are one of the most popular ways in high-sec making large amounts of ISK. Basically the Incursion is an "invasion" of Sansha randomly placed all over the universe, and when groups of players attack these head-on, they receive a fairly large amount of ISK for completing an encounter. As I explain this in more detail, I will also prepare you for training towards the ability to fly the required ships for these battles.


EVEoLution's Weekend Giveaway! 3.15.2014

In the interest in increasing the amount of people visiting the blog and new video feed, I will be going all over the universe plugging the blog, and getting people to join the in-game channel. As more and more people join the channel, I will give away a ship or module each hour in-game!

As more and more people join the in-game channel "EVEill", I will start giving away more expensive prizes depending on the amount of people in the channel. The rules are simple:

1. Post a comment with your in-game name to this article. People that post multiple times will be disqualified. The in-game browser does not work for comments. You will have to post a comment outside of the game.
2. Join the in-game channel "EVEill". You must be in channel to claim prizes
3. At the top of each hour a random person will be chosen as the winner

While you wait, check out some of our articles to learn more about EVE Online, which is probably the second reason you came here. If you want to see an article about a topic you don't already see an article for, or would like some general help in game, feel free to let me know in the in-game channel.

Enjoy, and fly safe. o/

EDIT: Thank you all that participated, and congratulations! I will do this again soon, and hopefully have some advertising done prior so we can get more people involved! Keep watching here for updates on upcoming giveaways!

Drone Types and Damage Explained

One thing I never took advantage of in EVE was the overall power of drones. It's easy to continue leveling your guns, and simply ignore the drones due to long training times, but as you progress you find yourself needing them more and more. In this article I'll go over the different types of drones, their damage types, and their strengths and weaknesses.

NOTE: Since Kronos, the base damage has been raised, but the stats are mostly the same.


Creating a Successful Corporation

While you can read tons of articles on how to create and run a corporation, it's extremely hard to create one from scratch. When creating a corporation with just yourself as the only corp member, there is a lot ahead to make sure that it grows into a self-thriving corporation. Unlike other MMOs, in EVE Online it's a lot harder to make sure to get a good group of people. In this article I'm not going to go over how to actually do various corporation roles, more than I will tell you about various experiences that will hurt or help your new corporation.


EVEoLution's Twitch Video Feed (Finally!)

As real life settles down, I decided it was time to start working on my Twitch Video Feed. In doing so, I started a single broadcast showing how easy it was to traverse low-sec, and a little w-space as well. The broadcast was saved then added to the list of past broadcasts named "The Beginning". In this I move through low-sec heading towards the EVE Gate, the beginning of EVE Online.


Security Status

Security status is a fairly foreign thing for many new players, and with this article I will cover the different areas as well as personal security status to eliminate the confusion. While this may be common knowledge for many, I feel it's best to cover this mechanic for all that are very new to the game.


Pyfa, Other Projects, and a Pilot

In the time I have not been around the blog, I've been working with Pyfa on their new site. As many may already know the last developer left, and the project was moved over to Kadesh Priestess. With, and the site falling into it's own wormhole, I offered to help create and maintain a new site for my favorite EVE 3rd party tool. You can now find Pyfa at So while you might not see much on this blog, I have been doing other things in the background for the community. I hope you enjoy the new site as much as we do, and the easy navigation.


Rubicon and Status Update

With the recent update, I felt it was necessary to at least make a post regarding the update; as well as a status update for EVEoLution. I do want to mention some articles on the horizon, as well as a few key changes in the expansion that will be discussed thoroughly later on; as well new additions to the EVEoLution info hub.


Finally Back for More!

After a long hiatus I'm finally back to bring more guilds for your EVE Online adventure. To start off I'm working on a Capital Ship guide as my first returning article. This article will allow everyone to understand the purpose of capital ships, and how to use them. Aside from that article let me know what else you would like to see a guide for; or even written about.

With that said, I'd like to announce that I'll be using the EVEoLution Twitch channel more and more, offering lots of videos on various EVE topics. At this point, I'll probably use it to demonstrate game play, but it can evolve into a video guide eventually.

As you may have already noticed I've been keep up on the Twitter feed to show any and all of the EVE related posts made that you would want to read, instead of having to tread through all the posts yourself.

Enjoy, and fly safe. o/


Ammo Types

One thing that is always confusing to a new player is the various types of ammo provided, and the effects of each. The practice is usually to constantly use a certain type ammo by default, but what about all the others? Using the right type of ammo in certain situations can be extremely dire. This guide will cover everything you need to know about ammo types, and give the effects of each.

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